“T. William Phillips emerges on the literary stage of greatness with his destined-to-be-epic novel Restless Heart.  ‘To thine own self be true,’ echoes from William Shakespeare, whereas ‘Justice by God.  Truth by Will.  Duty by Heart,’ will be etched in the memory of the reaaders of T. William Phillips’ exquisite novel.”  –  Pacific Book Review    

“Although there is the appealing social commentary of The Graduate in this book, the overall boyish, romantic view of the open road, women and life feels very much like the exhilaration of an Indiana Jones movie . . . the author imbues Konrad with superhero qualities that carry the reader through the middle of the book at a galloping, sword-slinging, shoot-‘em-up pace.”  –  Pamela Victor, Feathered Quill Book Reviews    

“T. William Phillips’ choice of first-person narrative talks to the reader in a way that almost prompts a conversation.  The first-person voice is curious, thoughtful, and honest.  The book is broken into three sections.  Duty, justice, and truth are themes for each section and relate to the growth Konrad experiences as he ages.  Anyone with a curious, and perhaps never quite settle spirit, will enjoy Restless Heart.  It’s a historical novel full of adventure, romance, self-discovery, and travel.  A recommended read.”  –  Lisa Haselton, AllBooks Review    

“Konrad and his undying quest to always see what lies just over the horizon fascinated me, and I couldn’t help but feel a mixture of envy and pitty for him.  For while he saw many things his friends couldn’t even imagine, the simple pleasures that satisfied others were always just beyond his grasp . . . I found myself flying through the pages of this book as the author provided just the right amount of description to let the story come to life before my eyes, without burying the plot with too much detail.”  –  Marty Shaw, Reader Views    

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